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Location of Coral Reefs

The Coral Reef Biome is located between 30°N and 30°S latitude, in warm tropical waters. The largest reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in Northeast Australia. There are also some Coral Reefs located in the Carribean Sea, the Western Indian Ocean, and the Western part of the South Pacific Ocean. Non-tropical locations are the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef.


These are three layers of coral reef life:

Shallow coral reef life. Average Temperature is 26°C

Coral reef life at a medium depth. Average temperature is 23°C

Deep coral reef life. Average Temperature is 19°C

Coral Reef Climate

In order for coral to survive and thrive, the temperature must be 19°C. This is the average water temperature in the deep sea reefs. The medium-depth reefs have an average water temperature of 23°C, and the shallow reefs have an average water temperature is 26°C. Most stony corals prefer underwater environments with stable salinity. The salt concentration in the water must be between 35 and 38 parts per thousand, and the oxygen concentration must remain high. Another important factor for coral reefs to thrive is the continuous submersion underwater, though there are certain corals that can survive for short periods of time above the water. Corals thrive in water that is oligotrophic, meaning water with low concentrations of nutrients like nitrate, phosphate, and ammonium. Currents and wave activity help the supplying of continuous but low concentrations of nutrients. In the process, waste material is removed.

The Variations of Coral Reef Depth

There are distinct dfferences between shallow coral reefs and deep coral reefs. First of all, the differences between the plant and animal life. Almost half of commonly recorded fish showed greater population, size, or biomass in shallow sites than in deep sites. There is also a difference in the tempuratures in these levels of coral reefs. The average tempurature in a shallow coral reef is 19°C. The average tempuraure in a deep coral reef is 26°C.

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