Luke B and Elena Y's Desert Conservation Page
The human impact on our biome is both a positive and a negative one. It's negative because humans do many different things in the desert that kills its plants. That causes the animals to die of hunger. The positive impact is that some humans plant more plants. It's kind of like fixing their mistakes.

One major problem in the desert is Drilling. People often drill into the ground in search of oil, which hurts the environment. Once it's made into fuel for vehicles, the exhaust causes global warming. This eventually affects the weather patterns in the Desert, which can hurt the wildlife. Eventually this affects humans too. It does so by killing off animals that we would normally eat for food.

Another problem is tourism because we love it to death. We do this by going there and stepping on the ground and trampiling the animals homes like for the owls that live underground.We also bother many other animals who live in the desert.

A solution to drilling would be to create and alternate energy source. For instance, Solar Energy would work extremely well in the desert. Being as hot and sunny as it is, we could generate enough energy so that we wouldn't even need oil anymore. We could just run our electronics and cars on solar power! That would also make it so less people use gas powered vehicles, which would reduce global warming. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Another way we could protect the desert and the many animals who live there is by not going to the desert as much as most people do. We could also not ride dirt bikes because some people do and thet ruins the animals homes so there are some of the ways we can protect the desert and the many animals.

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