The story of Bobby and Betty

By: Elena Y. and Luke B.

One day, in the land of Desertmalondreah, Bobby Bobcat was frolicking through the desert. Then, he comes across his enemy, Rodney Roadrunner. Rodney was frightened when he saw Bobby, so he started running away. While he was running, he tripped over tumbleweed and broke his leg. Then, Bobby catches up and eats him for lunch.
After eating his lunch, Bobby didn’t feel very good. He decided to go see his doctor, Orville Owl. Orville said that he had Ring Worms, an animal that lives inside you and eats the nutrients in your body. He then asked how Bobby got them. Bobby said that he ate a roadrunner that had them. Orville then proceeded to call the police, who arrested Bobby for murder.
After the incident with Bobby, Orville talked to his good friend, Betty Black Widow. She was planning on building a web in the nearby Joshua tree. Later that week, she did just that. It doesn’t hurt the tree, but it lets Betty have a place to live.
Soon, Betty caught lots of tasty bugs in her web that would normally eat all of the nearby plants. All of the grass would’ve been gone if it wasn’t for her. The grass thanked her, and they lived happily ever after in DesertmalondreahWORD COUNT: 212

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