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There are many locations of deserts all around the world. Some locations are in Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. Most people are familiar with the Sahara desert in Africa and the Great Basin in the U.S.A. Another desert in the world is the Gobi desert in Asia.
The part that is yellow shows many different deserts in the world

In the desert there are two seasons; summer and winter. In the summer the temperature can get to about 45 degrees Celcius or higher, and in the winter the temperature is 0 degrees Celcius or lower. They also usually receive less than 50 cm of rainfall each year.

The desert usually looks the same in Winter as it does in Summer, despite its large range of temperatures.

Deserts in places like North Africa, Southwestern United States, and Mexico are basicly all the same; hot and dry. But deserts in places like Utah, Nevada, and Western Asia, the deserts are dry and cold. That's where we get our 0 degrees Celcius for average temperature in the winter.

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