Estuaries Conservation
This is a picture of a oil spill in Estuaries

Humans impact the estuary in many different ways. Some good, others bad. One negative impact in Estuaries is Pollution. Its caused from industries, vehicles, and farmland runoffs. Pollution can potentially be toxic to the animals and plants. It also can induce diseases to the animals. these are just a few of our negative impacts in Estuaries. One positive impact in Estuaries is that they now have the necessary reference points and targets to develop effective management and restoration plans. This helps the Estuary a lot.

There are also many problems in Estuaries. Some include oil spills. Oil is a threat to most creatures , especially birds, mammals , etc.It can smother them and kill fish eggs. Very little oil , huge impact.Another problem in Estuaries is plant life. The toxic oils and pollution kills them. Animals feed off of the plants , so if they die the whole food web will suffer.Most of the animals will die.

Some solutions that we are accomplishing include the following. One is the government making a law to prevent oil spills.This will prevent the drop in population. Another solution is the organizations improving the life in Estuaries.This has a major affect. These are just a few of the problems in Estuaries.

Bu Jennifer L. and Anisa D.

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