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Robs Adventure

Hi, my name if Rob. I am a Mud Crab. The other day I had many adventures. Some sad, others heroic. One will scare me for life. They went kind of like this.

Well I was hanging out with my brother, Bob. We were along the shore of the estuary. When all of a sudden a Hairy nosed otter, popped out of the water. We started to run, but it was getting closer. With horrible luck it caught up. Before I knew it the otter had killed my brother and was moving in toward me. I managed to hide under a rock. The otter finally gave up and slithered back in to the water with my brother in his mouth. There was nothing I could do. He was gone!

As I was crawling home to deliver the bad news. I spotted a Brant Goose heading toward a patch of Salt Marsh. I realized there was a nest of eggs. You had to look really hard to see them, because the Salt Marsh was hiding it well, incase of predators. Lucky eggs, I thought, compared to my brother. They were not dead! I thought that was enough for one day, but apparently Mother Nature, did not.

Halfway home I noticed a Green tree Frog, weakening with every step. I approached it, and asked what was wrong. Between coughing every other word, he replied with a ‘’I ate some Mucor Mold’’. On no, I thought.’’Mucor Mould is toxic’’ I screamed. The mould was taking over the host. Before I could do anything, the mould had won the battle.

Again I had witnessed nature’s evil side. I hurried home, not wanting to see anymore. I then noticed something good. It was a patch of eelgrass, which some oysters were helping it grow. While the eelgrass returned the favor by providing sanctuary for fish and attract crabs for the oyster. I was so happy that there was some good in this world. I made it home just before dusk. The smile plastered on my face. I shared the bad news with my family, who were very depressed. Especially mom.

I hade learned a lesson though, that not all of nature was a happy ending, but that was just the way it was. Life was life and you can’t do anything about it. To this day, passing by the Estuary, I call home; I remember that my brother is now in a happier place, Crab Heaven!

By Jennifer L. and Anisa D.

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