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This is San Francisco Bay, as you can see, it flows into the ocean!
The Location of Estuaries include the following. Estuaries are places where freshwater rivers and streams flow into the ocean,mixing with the seawater.They are mostly located all over the world by coastal area and oceans.Some of these Estuaries are, the San Francisco Bay, Boston Harbor, and Tampa Bay.Boston Harbor is located in near Boston, Massachusetts.

Average Rainfall for Boston, Massachusetts
Average Rainfall for Boston, Massachusetts


The Seasons of Estuaries include dry and wet. They also are Summer, Fall , Winter, and Spring. The average precipitation is 10 to 80cm through June to October . In Boston Harbor the rain fall for Spring is 350cm. The rainfall for Summer is 300 cm, winter is 350cm, and lastly Fall is 360cm .Next the average temperature in Celsius in Boston Harbor is as follows .there high temperature varies. In June to Aug. its 26.67. From Jan to May its 4.44 to 21.11. September to December is 26.67 to 4.44.Bostons Low temperature varies too. From Jan. to May its - 6.67 to 10. June to Aug. is 15.56 to 10. Lastly Sept. to Dec. is 10 to - 1.11.

Estuaries in the Winter
Estuaries in the Fall

Estuaries in the Spring

Estuaries in the Summer

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