Humans have long lived on planet earth. Living along side of various biomes of Earth. The Lakes and ponds of Earth have been a major part of human existence providing food and water. But over these many years humans have not treated this water ecosystem, polluting them with their trash and waste. The mercury of the chemicals kills the algae, to much phosphate and nitrate kill fish and plants. Although humans have had many faults to killing the lakes and ponds of the world they have done some good things to. Lake erie once so bad you could catch it on fire was cleaned up just recentley and fish and wildlife have slowly made a comeback. More water treatment facilites in michigan have cleaned up the great lakes.
Water treatment facilities have been popping up all over cleaning the water.

Some major problems that have been overlooked by humans that may want to be addressed is the waste that runs through the rivers into the lakes. Human industriual plants have pumped in tons of waste and poisonis chemicals into Lakes and Ponds killing ecosystems. Although we have put in more waste treatment plants lots of waste still gets through killing tons of plants and animals. Not only do these effect fish and plants, animals coming for a drink get poisoned and eventually if not right away die. Another problem that we need to address is the amount of kelp growth. The two chemicals nitrate and phosphae make kelp grow extremely fast and take up all of the oxygen which kills the animals.

Lake pollution was so bad at one point you could catch it on fire.

Some possible solutions is to one not dump waste into rivers and ponds. taking out all of the waste would one stop the phosphate and nitrate. That would solve both problems and would clean up some usuable water. Another thing you could do is add more waste treatment facilities. If people just cleaned up their waste and didn't litter it would be great for the enviornment and for the lake pond Biome.

People have made great strides to cleaning up the enviorment but the work is not done.


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