Austin T. & Nick J.

Freshwater Lake&Pond.

Welcome to Freshwater Lake&Pond. I Austin T. and my partner Nick J. are going to show you a little bit about the Freshwater Lake&Pond Biome.


Lakes and Ponds aren't evenly located over the Earth. Although most are located in the higher altitudes and mountains. Lakes and Ponds are scarcely located in The Desert, and The Tundra. Almost 50% of the lakes are located in Canada! Ponds usually are created in the rainy seasons and dry up in the hot summers. Unlike Rivers Lakes&Ponds are still.


This picture from space shows the Great Lakes in North America.
The Freshwater Lake&Pond Biome has 4 seasons. In summer the lake has a very warm top level that is usually 22 Degrees Celsius. The bottom of the lake or pond is somewhere around 4 Degrees Celsius. In the winter The bottom is 4 Degrees Celsius while the top is 0 Degrees Celsius (ice). During the Spring and Fall the water is blended due to winds and is a uniform 4 Degrees Celsius. Although not all lakes and ponds freeze thus the top layer may be warmer in the winter than freezing lakes.


Lakes vary in location which says the Lakes have many different precipitation levels. The Great Lakes of North America Usually receive the spring and fall to 50cm. in the summer. Lake Victoria in Africa receives less rainfall around the summer to the winter.

This Lake in the summer is still cool being located in the mountains.
This Lake in Canada during the winter is completley frozen.
this Lake is in late fall and is very beautiful.

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This Lake is located in Canada's willderness in the spring.