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Blue Whale


The location of the Open Ocean are the major oceans. The major oceans are the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, an the Indian Ocean. On the picture below you can see the major Oceans and where they are located.

Map of all the Oceans


The Open Ocean has many different climates. The average temperature in all oceans is 3.8 degrees C. Tropical oceans are warm and clear on the surface. But at the bottom of all oceans it is always cold, dark, and still. The open ocean has two seasons. The two seasons are the hot summers and the cool winters. The Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean have never been frozen because they are to big to get be frozen. The average precipitation in a year is 480 cm. The waters temperature is warmer when it's closer to the eqator and colder by the poles.

The Ocean is really beautiful in the summer
This is a picture of the ocean in winter time

Open Ocean in the spring

These are the lightzones of an ocean

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