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The Thornapple River


Rivers can be found all over the world. In every country, and in every continent, there is at least one river. In some country's, there are more than others. No river is exactly the same. Some are very long and skinny, some short and wide. As you can see from the map below, rivers can't survive harsh cold temperatures, like Greenland and the tips of Asia, because they are all frozen. Rivers can not survive in deserts either. The coast of the countries and inland, have many rivers! Some even go coast to coast!

World Map of Rivers


The number of seasons differ between locations. Some have 4, while some only have 1 or 2. For example, if there is a river in northern Canada, then there is probably only going to be 1 season. If there is a river in Michigan, then there is going to be 4 seasons! Rivers could be 1 mile away from each other, or 500 miles away!

The Nile River is one of the biggest rivers in the world. It is located in Africa. It has no rain for the Northern winter and its southern parts and the highlands of Ethiopia experience heavy rain—more than 60 inches (1,520 millimeters)—during the northern summer. When this rain fall comes, it floods the river. Years and years of this happening have caused a valley along the sides of the river, called the Nile River valley. The Nile River only has two seasons, Summer and Winter. In the winter, it is about 22 degrees Celsius. In the summer, its about 27° C.

The Thornapple River is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has 4 seasons. In the winter, the temperature can get lower than -8 degrees Celsius. During the summer, the temperature can get higher than 32 degrees Celsius! The Thornapple River Gets about 7.5 centimeters of rain a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The Thornapple River is one of the Grand Rivers major tributaries! The Thornapple River is approximately 100 miles long and goes through 3 county's. Eaton, Barry and Kent county. The Thornapple River ends up in one of the great lakes, Lake Michigan.

The Amazon is located in the Countries Brazil, Peru, Equador, Venezuela,and Bolivia. In the high Andes Mountains in Peru, the Amazon and its tributaries flow some 4000 miles. The climate of Amazonia is warm, rainy, and humid. The Amazon River normally gets 320 centimeters of rain a year. Around most of the Amazon River, they only have two seasons, Summer and Winter. In the winter, around the amazon river, it gets as low as about 14 °C. But in the summer it gets as hot as about 32 °C!

Rivers in spring

Rivers in Summer

River in Autumn

Rivers in winter

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