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LOCATIONWelcome to the Taiga Biome, North of the temperate Decidous Forest and south of the Tundra, Taiga is a very interesting environment. Filled with evergreens, Taiga is more commonly know as the Boreal Forest and has very little animal life, but contains millions of trees. Unlike most environments it is only in the northern hemisphere, mainly because of the unique amount of land mass. Also this location leads to a colder climate and much longer winters. The large amount of timber leads to a very high oxygen content and one of the most amazing seasonal transitions. Panning out over Eurasia and North America, Taiga is the largest biome and also in russian "taiga" means forest.

One of the few animals to live in Taiga all year is the Lynx


A Fall photo of Taiga

A Spring photo of Taiga
A winter photo of the boreal forest
A Summer photo of Taiga

Taiga has all four seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Although it contains all of the seasons, none of them last as long as winter lasting about eight months. Because of Taiga's lack in diversity, only containing a few different species of evergreens. Variations of weather in Taiga would only range only because of location. The area of Taiga closer to the Temperate Decidous Forests are going to be warmer than the area closer to the Tundra. Spring and fall exsist but for a very short time, which is why we only put temperatures and precipitation in for summer and winter.

Winter's LOWEST temperature in taiga is -54°C.
Winter's HIGHEST temperature is -1.1° C.
Summer's LOWEST temperature is -1.1° C.
Summer's HIGHEST temperature is 21.1° C.
Winter's AVERAGE precipatation is 50-100 cm.
Summer's AVERAGE precipatation is 25-50 cm.

The Eurasian Taiga (above) looks very similar to North American Taiga
North American Taiga