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Caribou in Tundra

Location:The Tundra is located close to the North Pole in Greenland, Alaska, Canada and Northern Russia. The Tundra ranges in the lattitudes of 60 degrees north to 75 degrees north. The Tundra is mostly located by the Arctic ocean. The Alpine Tundra is located high in the Rocky Mountains and other mountains all over the world. It is located about 10,000 feet up the mountain where it is very cold.

Location of Tundra (dark green)

The Arctic Tundra has only two seasons, summer and winter. The winter is very long and has no daylight. The summer is very short and the sun is out twenty four hours a day. The Tundras winter rainfall averages 3.6 centimeters per year. The Tundras summer averages 7.4 centimeters of rainfall per year. In the Tundra the average temperature in the winter is -34 degrees Celsius. The average summer temperature is about 3-12 degrees Celsius.
The Alpine Tundra is located at the peaks of mountains about 10,000 feet or higher. The average temperature is 10-15 degrees Celsius in the summer and it can be below freezing in the Winter. A difference between the Alpine Tundra and Arctic Tundra is the Alpine Tundra has better soil than the frozen "permafrost" soil the Arctic Tundra has.

Tundra winter

Tundra summer

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